Valuation for Self Storage

Cushman & Wakefield’s Self Storage Industry Group (SSIG) is an international, full service, real estate appraisal team specializing in the self storage asset class. SSIG is known the world over as an industry knowledge leader. Through the delivery of timely, accurate, high-quality valuation and research reports, we aim to assist our clients in making property decisions that meet their objectives and enhance their decision making process.

Our expertise in the specialized asset class has resulted in key insights into the self storage market. This includes experience with cell phone towers, truck rental income, billboard income, container storage, retail/commercial space, new construction, non-stabilized properties, CMBS deals and non-realty components.

We have experience working with small to large scale operators and with institutional, national and regional investments firms. Additionally, our assignments range from single asset valuations to large portfolio valuations. Located in major markets, our team of professionals has provided over 5,000 appraisals of self storage facilities over the past decade, making us an industry leader in this unique property type.

  • real property valuation
  • brokerage 
  • market and feasibility studies 
  • due diligence for acquisition 
  • litigation support 
  • property tax services 
  • self storage data services (SSDS) 
  • valuation for financial reporting
  • appraisal review
  • portfolio consulting and advisory
  • portfolio valuation

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