Transportation & Logistics

The Transport & Logistics (T&L) sector encompasses all methods of transport, from sea to rail to air and the related industries surrounding it, including distribution facilities, warehousing, handling, and packaging. It also includes all of the administrative services such as the organisation, planning and management of transport and logistics. The T&L industry forms the backbone of global supply chains. 

Our team delivers expert insight into current trends, issues, demands and requirements of T&L businesses. We provide an integrated forum to share best practice ideas and thought leadership to assist in every aspect of your property needs. By having a greater understanding of the issues affecting your business and aligning property requirements with business objectives, we can help keep you move ahead of your competition.

We understand that being in the right location at the right price is key to success, but there are challenges to consider:

T&L Real Estate Challenges

  • Rising prices and the global economic slowdown is a concern for the sectors
  • On one hand, oil price volatility is a risk to the sector , but reducing emissions could pose a greater challenge to T&L companies over the next twenty years
  • The trend towards consolidation, where larger, integrated groups have begun operating in more than one of the T&L sub-sectors, leads to a blurring of margins between the two sectors
  • The drive towards efficiency is high on the agenda.
  • In the short term, faster growing emerging markets will be a key indicator for European exporters seeking growth.
  • Growth prospects are still dominated by downside risks and the Euro-zone crisis remains a threat to exports and manufacturing
  • Manufacturers and logistics companies are shifting their focus to productivity and innovation across products, processes, and services

How Can We Add Value?

The T&L sector is facing increasing pressure to find greater business efficiencies and deliver increasingly complex customer demands. Real Estate is a key element of the business process and often represents a significant cost. By having a greater understanding of the issues affecting your business we can align your property requirements with your business objectives, keeping you ahead of the competition.

Our combined team of professionals include surveyors, accountants, project managers and business consultants whose skills are suited to meet your varied and complex requirements across the globe. Some of the services we provide are:


From real estate due diligence for merger and acquisition activity, to location analysis and portfolio optimization programs, our focus is helping you deliver your business objectives while reducing risk.

Corporate strategy

We help you optimize the value of your property while considering the impact on your firm’s balance sheet, implementing everything from global lease administration, lease abstraction and database management to strategic analysis.

Global lease administration

To help minimize the associated risks of managing your corporate portfolio, we provide you with the detailed business data you need to properly and intelligently implement your corporate strategy.

Transaction management

By implementing the ‘intelligent client’ role in managing transactions,, our agents and brokers can advise and facilitate smoother transactions, whether it’s a full property search and relocation or a simple lease renewal.

Program and project management

We help you deliver real estate projects on time, within budget, and to specifications.

Facilities management

We deliver the quality of service that top-tier clients expect from their real estate firms, and we produce that quality of service within common-sense budgeting guidelines.

Valuation, lease advisory and property management

We provide the valuable professional advice you need to capitalize on a changing global environment.


We help to reduce the environmental impact of your property to comply with current regulations and to save costs.

Experience and Resources

Our T&L sector group draws on the expertise, knowledge and experience of our global network of real estate consultants, brokers and dedicated sector country representatives. Cushman & Wakefield has an international network of nearly 15,000 professionals including researchers, strategists, business modellers, accountants, financial consultants and agents in 253 offices across 60 countries.

We have a broad range of clients in the T&L sector including TNT, Kuehne & Nagel, CEVA Logistics, Wincanton Logistics and Maersk/Damco and many others who we service on a country, regional or global level.