Data Centers

As global technology rapidly changes, the demand for data center space is increasing at an accelerated rate. Scalability, reliability, and security are always the focus, but the costs are substantially high, making the right financial decisions crucial. Cushman & Wakefield’s Global Data Center Advisory Group provides strategic advice and real estate services to occupiers, landlords, investors, and operators. Our multi-disciplined team serves clients of all sizes and industries. Every client requirement is unique; we have the experience to develop long-term strategies that drive wise investment decisions across all real estate requirements.

Property Types

  • Colocation facilities
  • Control centers
  • Data centers
  • Existing facilities
  • Greenfield
  • Powered shell
  • Trading floors


Site Selection

  • Needs and viability of options analysis
  • Infrastructure and systems review 
  • Security and risk evaluation
  • Government incentives

Tenant/Occupier Services

  • Acquisition, disposition 
  • Business continuity
  • Comprehensive contract knowledge
  • Rent terms 

Landlord/Owner Representation

  • Strategic asset analysis 
  • Positioning and marketing plan execution
  • Prospective tenant analysis and canvassing
  • Investment sales
  • Equity, debt and structured financing

Strategy Development

  • Acquisition, disposition, expansion strategies
  • Portfolio optimization plan
  • Standardization tools for process, quality control, benchmarking
  • TCO modeling and negotiation

Project & Development Services

  • Construction management services including dataroom adaptations, development and build-to-suit
  • Data center environment expertise including loads, heights, floors, power, water, sustainability, energy cost, commissioning
  • Cost consultancy, value engineering, procurement and budget management

Valuation & Advisory Services

  • Appraisals for mission critical disaster recovery, colocation, wholesale, carrier hotels, internet gateways 
  • Financial and tax consulting
  • M&A consulting
  • Bankruptcy and litigation support

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