Autumn 2019 Data Centre Europe MarketBeat Reports

Dave Fanning

EMD, Account Management

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Report highlights:

Amsterdam witnessed major changes during the second half of 2019, with a major merger and a development halt changing the local landscape.  Download the Report>>

Dublin has 155 MW under construction with more in planning despite needed grid updates in the near future.  Download the Report>>

London has nearly 200 MW under construction despite Brexit uncertainties as the market continues to scale up to support large cloud providers.  Download the Report>>

Frankfurt is expected to outgrow Amsterdam over the next two years to become the largest continental market, with further large projects currently in planning.  Download the Report>>

Paris continues with steady growth as large REITs have reestablished operations locally and pursued new projects.  Download the Report>>

Milan has become a market to watch, with an increase in available cloud services and fibre leading to market growth. Download the Report>>