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What's Next in Tech

Cushman & Wakefield recognizes that technology continues to be a driving force behind changes in the real estate industry, and that we must be agile to deliver value through technology to our clients.

This is What’s Next in Tech.


Innovating and influencing the CRE industry with PropTech

From mobile apps to the Internet of Things (IoT), information, services, and products can now be delivered almost instantly via the swipe of a finger or click of a button. These advancements in technology have positively impacted almost every industry in one way or another…even the real estate industry.

Find out how PropTech will propel the industry forward.


Autonomous vehicles: navigating the journey, the destination, and the impact

The impact that AVs will have on CRE depends not just on advances in levels of automation, but the operating models of vehicles. Uncertainty around the impact of AVs on driving behavior and parking needs leaves cities and developers with a range of options.

Read more about AVs and their potential impact on the CRE industry and beyond.


The heightened cyber risk environment and the implications for CRE

Markets and industries across the globe are becoming increasingly integrated due to the improvements in infrastructure, technology, connectivity, and accessibility of information. While this greater integration undoubtedly presents opportunities for companies, it has also increased the risks of doing business.

Find out how to keep your company safe.


Blockchain: the internet of value

To date, the handful of real estate transfers using cryptocurrency have been mostly single-family homes, but that is changing. Even if cryptocurrencies fall out of favor, their underlying blockchain technology will revolutionize the financial world, starting with real estate.

See what blockchain can do for you.


The here and now of IoT in your workplace

The possible applications of IoT are broad and varied, and real estate is leading the charge. There should be no doubt that IoT is an increasingly pervasive part of both life and work.

Learn more about potential uses of IoT.

Digital Disruption

Innovative technologies driving facilities efficiencies

Every day we hear about how technology is disrupting industries and changing the status quo. From smart buildings to robotics, technology is changing the way the facilities industry maintains the places in which the world works, learns, and lives.

Learn about the technology trends that will make facility operations safer and more efficient.

Technology in Action

Innovation and technology are disrupting every industry and we understand that commercial real estate is no exception.

We have the tools and resources in place, and now it’s time to bring them into action.


A centralized, global communication tool with customizable dashboards for true portfolio management.


Global Occupier Metrics

Cushman & Wakefield’s interactive web portal dedicated to occupiers providing instant market insight, portfolio planning and benchmarking.



Industry-leading BuildingOS building intelligence platform for delivering the next generation of energy intelligence.



The leading provider of Strategic Location Management Solutions.


Smart Building Solutions

An innovative Internet of Things (IoT) solution for workplace services and building operations.



Internet of Things (IoT) technology firm with more than 25 years of industry experience in more than 60 countries.


Our Partnerships

We are constantly seeking opportunities to leverage technology to optimize our current portfolio of services through strategic partnerships, product development, and implementation of innovative technologies.


New York-based real estate technology accelerator that offers a growth program for early-stage companies.



The hub for Chicago’s thriving technology and entrepreneurial ecosystem.



Powering real estate appraisers with a cloud-based appraisal writing software and mobile app.