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The Challenge

Inventory and appraisal project to identify the machinery & equipment (M&E) on site, establish the remarketability of the FF&E, and estimate the liquidation value of the FF&E as part of an orderly disposition of all assets.

The Solution

In order to assist in the disposition of the assets, a site inspection was performed to:

  • Inventory the M&E
  • Differentiate between salable assets and assets to be scrapped
  • Value the M&E for liquidation purposes

The appraiser conducted a site inspection to inventory and photograph the assets. Asset data was gathered and discussions with plant management were held to inform the client on salable vs. non-salable assets.

The Result

The appraiser’s site visit resulted in an accurate list of M&E with photographs to develop a catalog of the assets for resale, A market analysis to identify salable versus non-salable assets assisted the client in quickly disposing of assets that did not have resale value. Finally, we established a suggested sale price and assisted the client in determining an appropriate reseller. The salable equipment was subsequently sold and the equipment to be scrapped was disposed. Cushman & Wakefield property management was then able to prepare the property for sublet and leased both buildings within a time frame established.